Solar Garden Path Light


Product Description
The Homecube laser lights offer you amazing lighting effect in premise of not harmful to us human’s eyes.
This high quality laser lights not only waterproof and dustproof, but also work well in hot and cold temperature.

Easy Way For Decoration:
The Star Shower Laser Lights unit can be placed anywhere you like in your yard and you just need to plug it in to get thousands of dazzling stars lighting the night up instantly.
No more waste hours struggling with strands of hanging lights or get up on a ladder to put them on.

Product Certification:
Red Light Source: 100mw
Green Light Source: 30mw
Maximum Laser Power: 1.4W
External Color: Black
Cable: 5 Meter
Power Waterproof Grate: Ip65
Light Dimension: 99mm*95mm
Solar Panels Dimension: 225mm*165mm
Weight: 0.98kg
Package Dimension: 230*155*170mm
Solar Panels: 4W 5.5V
Battery Pack: 2 Section 18650 4000mAh 3.7V
Product Waterproof Grade: Ip65
Working Temperature: -10 C-30 C