SAJ 10KW On-grid PV Inverter

SAJ 10KW Three Phase On-grid PV Inverter with 2MPPT and DC Switch,IP65 for Grid-tie PV System

Flexible and Efficient
• Optimized global MPPT algorithm, MPPT efficiency higher than 99.5%
• Asymmetric dual MPPT which are compatible to all kinds of solar roofs
• Max. efficiency of 98.0%, European efficiency of 97.6%
• Super wide input voltage range(150V-1000V), supporting various solar
panels and string designs
• With reduced derating under high temperature, the generating
capacity is improved

Convenient Installation
• Transformerless, smaller and lighter
• AC output quick connector design, for faster installation
• Specialized mounting design, easy to install

Smart and Easy to Use
• One-button safety setting, easy configuration of all parameters
• Built-in independent RTC chip, supporting data storage of 25 years
• Integrated LCD graphical display, showing daily/monthly/yearly generation
• Integrated RS232 / Wi-Fi interfaces, for improved communication
• Free monitoring anytime anywhere
• Local and remote intelligent maintenance by PC, IOS and Android devices
• Responds to power grid dispatching, energy management of micro-grids
• Integrated with the function of reactive adjusting

Safe and Reliable
• IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor installation
• Aluminum case design to enhance heat dissipation and prevent rust corrosion,prolong life time
• Built-in high voltage DC switch for safer maintenance and application
• Built-in convective fans to lower the temperature of core components,prolong life time
• Natural convection for longer life