Knox 5KW


✔️ Optimized transformer-less topology structure
✔️ Max efficiency up to 98.4%
✔️ Dual MPPT inputs accommodating wide voltage range
✔️ SIC components enhance power density
✔️ O ampere leakage current design protect against tripping
✔️ IP65, Indoor and outdoor application
✔️ Wifi or GPRS optional
✔️ Multi-inverters parallel connection available

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Knox PV on grid inverter using America’s TI’s digital control chip, the same chip as the 2nd generation of world well-known brand SMA, so in face of external disturbance and abnormal changes in the grid, the system can automatically identify and adjust to maximize the grid compatibility and to maintain the stability of the PV system. Smart Solar offers you the best price range of all Knox Solar Grid Tied inverter.