JNTECH 1.1KW Inverters JN-P1K1LS

Smart Solar offered brand new high quality JNTECH Inverters JN-P1K1LS solar water pump solution at best price

Model No. JN-P1K1LS

Power Capacity: 1.1kw

Product Features:

  • The overload capacity of the product is strong, can drive all kinds of three-phase AC Pumps
    with the matching power 1:1
  • PV, Grid hybrid power supply, automatic switching, PV priority, Grid supplement, Driving
    pump work in full load
  • Grid access, can adjust the input Grid voltage, high input power factor
  • Maximize the use of PV energy, Grid and PV energy real-time complementary fully
    Automatic operation
  • Advanced MPPT technology, efficiency>99%
  • Wide MPPT input voltage range, 460VDC to 850VDC
  • IP65 Design for outdoor application.
  • Operating temperature: -25 to +60℃
  • RS485 and GPRS remote Monitoring for real time operation status and control on/off.
  • Perfect system protect function: over-voltage, over-current, low-voltage, over-load, lack of
    grid phase, pump dry, lack of phase, and short circuit protection.
  • Automatic/manual operation mode.
  • LCD display, Chinese/English menu.
  • Data logging, it can store operation date for 10 years.