Earth Wire


*Rs 1000/- per KG

The hot and neutral cores in a power cable are used to supply current to the appliances in your home. So what about the green wire, why is it needed? This is known as the ground and is an additional wire which is included for the safety of you and your home.


What Are the Wires in a Power Cable?


This wire is at a potential of about 110 to 120 volts relative to ground. Current flows out through this wire to an appliance. Hot is also referred to as “live” in other countries.


The neutral wire is at a voltage close to or equal to ground. Current which flows to an appliance via the hot wire returns via the neutral core in a cable


This is a protective conductor, included to prevent shock and/or fire. Ground is also known as “earth” in some countries.

Lower power appliances are connected between either of the hots and neutral and this gives a 120 volt supply. The voltage between the two hots is 240 volt for supplying higher power appliances.