• Maximum efficiency of 98.6%, Euro efficiency of 98.1%
  • 3-level technology and enhanced control mechanism to achieve high efficiency over wide load range
  • 2 MPP trackers to achieve higher system efficiency
  • Transformerless design
  • Comprehensive protection functions
  • Enhanced DSP system
  • Integrated PV input string fault detection
  • Integrated PV input arcing fault detection and interruption circuit
  • Advanced thermal design, with variable speed fans
  • Anti-Islanding protection
  • Ground-fault detection and interruption circuit
  • Optional DC SPD
  • Electrolyte-free design” for improved long-term reliability

Grid-tied PV inver ters are tranformerless, three phase products. The maximum input voltage is 1000V which makes the configuration more flexible. Patented 3-level control algorithm and thermal design provide 98.6% maximum efficiency and 98.1% Euro efficiency. This type three phase string inverters are designed with the DC switch integrated. And provide an option for fuse which designed in the wiring box. Integrated PV input string fault detection circuit and PV input arcing fault detection circuit to ensure the safty.