Canadian Solar 340W


Mechanical Data
Technology: Polycrystalline (Poly)
77.20 x 39.10 x 1.57 inches (CS6U-325P Dimensions)
Weight: 49.40 lbs
Cells: 72 Poly Cells (6×12)
Front Cover: 3.2mm Tempered Glass
Frame Material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy (Silver)
J-Box: IP67, 3 Diodes
Cable: 4 mm2 (IEC) or 4 mm2 & 12 AWG 1000V (UL), 1160 mm (45.7 in)
Connector: T4 Series or PV2 Series
Per Pallet: 26 pieces, 1400 lbs
Per Container (40′ HQ): 624 Pieces
Module Efficiency: 16.72%
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Canadian Solar’s modules use the latest innovative cell technology, increasing module power output and system reliability, ensured by 15 years of experience in module manufacturing, well-engineered module design, stringent BOM quality testing, an automated manufacturing process and 100% EL testing.