• Three phase output
• Max. efficiency 99%, EU efficiency 98.5%
• High precise, high speed MPPT algorithm
• Four MPPT input, each rated current is 28.5A, compatible with high power module.
• Compact and light design for two-person easy installation
• IP65 rated and visually pleasing
• THDi <3%, low harmonic distortion against grid
• Anti-resonance, single transformer can connect 6M+ in parallel
• Perfect commercial site monitoring solution
• Intelligent redundant fan-cooling

This three phase output inverter’s slim and lightweight design allows a two person install with ease. The inverter is aesthetically pleasing and is suitable for commercial environments. It has over 98% max. efficiency. The inverter is IP65 protected alongside several other protection functions. The input voltage range is widespread as well as having quad MPPT design with precise MMPT algorithm. WiFi and GPRS are optional interfaces which can be purchased separately and retrofitted at any time. A WiFi and monitoring app is available to allow the user to monitor their system remotely. This inverter comes with a 5 year warranty as standard but can be easily upgraded to 10 or 20 years at a low cost.