SolarMax Onyx 5KW


  • 2 MPPT Input
    Design for different alignments
    6.5KW PV in 5KW
  • Wide PV Input Range
  • AC Coupled
  • Smart Load Management
    Dual AC outputs
  • Smart Power Management
    Set Multiple Schedules
  • Built-in Generator Control Interface
  • Multiple units can be Parallel
    1Phase & 3Phase
  • Internal SPD
  • Rapid Sundown PV Switch
  • Built-in Zero Export Control
  • Works with Wide Range of Batteries
    Lithium-Ion or Lead Acid
  • Battery Charging Curve
    3 Stages/Equalization
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Operating Temperature -25~60 C
  • Communication Interface
  • Smart Monitoring & Control
  • Protections
    Lightning, Anti-islanding, Reverse Polarity, Insulation Resistor Detection, Residual Current Monitoring Detection, Over Current, Short Circuit, Overvoltage etc.

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SOLARMAX ONYX SMART HYBRID INVERTER, First time in Pakistan With 6Year Unlimited Repair and Replacement Warranty, IP 65 (Weather Proof), Can install Indoor & Outdoor, Remote Monitoring & Works With or Without battery.