SAJ 5KW Hybrid Inverter

1.Smart & Efficient
a.Save surplus electricty;increase self-use rate of PV generation
b.Dual energy stroage design;batteries can becharged by PV&AC
c.Lead-acid battery and lithium battery can beconfigured flexibley
d.Charging control and controvariant integrateddesign
e.Compatiable with off-grid and on-grid mode

2.Easy Operation
a.Wi-Fi/Ethernet/GPRS/RS485 multiple communication mode for selection
b.Settable peak-to-trough period;auto peak-shift
c.Local/remote monitoring via PC or mobile phone
d.Capacitive sensing key operation and LCD display, Man-machine interaction for more convenience and more stability

3.Safe & Reliable
a.High ingress protection;applicable to outdoor installation
b.3 stages/2 stages charging control; extend battery lifetime
c.Natural convection to lower single point of failure