• 6 MPPTs for versatile adoptions to different layouts
  • 12 strings intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting
  • Power Line Communication (PLC) supported
  •  Smart String I-V Diagnosis supported


  • Maximum efficiency 98.9%, European efficiency 98.7%


  • DC disconnect integrated, safe and convenient for maintenance
  • Type II surge arresters for both DC and AC
  • Ground fault protection
  • Residual Current Monitoring Unit (RCMU) integrated inside


  • No need for external fans with natural cooling technology
  • Protection rating of IP65
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The Huawei SUN2000-60KTL 60kW 3phase Solar Inverter series of products uses three-level circuit topology, the maximum efficiency up to 98.9%, Photon test result is A+/A+ at both of high irradiation and medium irradiation. The six MPPT is adaptable and flexible for building roof-top PV plant design to improve system yields. DC&AC lightning protection module integrated and natural cooling effectively improve product reliability.

This Huawei SUN2000-60KTL 60kW 3phase Solar Inverter  has good environment adaptability and can be used for various scenarios covering from 60kW to Megawatts, either rooftop or ground mounted power plants.