• Weight:25 kg
  • Rated Power:20,000 W
  • Min PPT Voltage:200 V
  • Max PPT Voltage:950 V
  • DC Startup Voltage:200 V
  • DC Shutdown Voltage:160 V
  • Max Input Voltage:1,000 V
  • Max DC Power:26,880 W
  • Max AC Power:22,000 W
  • Max DC Current:44 A
  • Max DC Inputs:4
  • Has DC Fuses:0
  • Connector: Amphenol H4
  • Included Connectors:8
  • Euro Efficiency:98.3 %
  • Transformer:None
  • MPPT Trackers:2
  • Has Integrated DC Switch:Yes
  • Warranty:5 years (can be extended)

The Huawei 20kW 3phase Solar Inverter SUN2000-20KTL-M0 series of products uses three-level circuit topology, the maximum efficiency up to 98.65%, Photon test result is A+/A+ at both of high irradiation and medium irradiation. The three MPPT is adaptable and flexible for building roof-top PV plant design to improve system yields. DC&AC lightning protection module integrated and natural cooling effectively improve product reliability. It’s a real quiet inverter with noise ≤29dB.

This Huawei SUN2000-20KTL-M0 meets Germany BDEW MV directive and VDE AR N 4105 LV directive, CE Low Voltage Directive and the Directive for Electromagnetic Compatibility, Italy Enel-GUIDA and CEI 0-21 certification, as well as China Golden Sun certification. It has good environment adaptability and can be used for various scenarios covering from 8kW to Megawatts, either rooftop or ground mounted power plants.