Huawei 12KW

  • Max. efficiency 98.50%
  • European weighted efficiency 98.00%
  • Recommended max. PV power 1 18,000 Wp
  • Rated output power 12,000 W
  • Max. apparent power 13,200 VA
  • Max. output current 20 A

Huawei 12KW Smart PV Controller

Inverter max input PV power is 40,000 Wp when long strings are designed and fully connected with SUN2000-450W-P power optimizers. The maximum input voltage is the upper limit of the DC voltage. Any higher input DC voltage would probably damage inverter. Any DC input voltage beyond the operating voltage range may result in inverter improper operating. SUN2000-12~20KTL-M2 raises potential between PV- and ground to above zero through integrated PID recovery function to recover module degradation from PID. Supported module types include: P-type (mono, poly). <10 W when PID recovery function is activated