Growatt 40KW


  • Photovoltaic inverters have four MPPT inputs
  • Equipped with protection against lightning strikes – AC/DC type II
  •  The inverters have built-in protections that guard against faults caused by material wear. In addition, they guarantee safety against arcing phenomenon (AFCI)
  • The inverters are IP 66 rated, so it can be installed outdoors
  • Qualified installers can remotely check the operating parameters of photovoltaic panels and the power grid
  • Management of the photovoltaic installation is possible thanks to the fully interpolated ShinePhone application

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Growatt 40KW high-performance inverter, designed to elevate your renewable energy system to new heights. With a maximum string input current of 16A, this inverter ensures efficient and reliable power conversion, enabling seamless integration of solar energy into your home or business.