BAYKEE Inverter 30kva

  •  PV-Grid-Battery: This series hybrid solar inverter is designed for real-time sharing function between solar power and utility power. 
  • PV-Battery-Grid (maximum use solar power under the stable environment of utility power): Solar power supply power to inverter through MPPT controller, and then output pure sine wave AC power to load through inverter, meanwhile charge battery.
  • High-powered dynamic feature. Adopt kinds of feedback control such as instantaneous control mode and virtual value, not only reach the high dynamic adjustment, but also reduce the output voltage distortion.

Hybrid solar inverter is three phase inverter, which range from 10KVA to 400KVA, This inverter is a multifunctional intelligent power supply, which consists of MPPT solar controller, charger, rectifier, inverter, static transfer switch, main control circuit and display alarming circuit. It can set different inverter work mode according to users’ actual application.